To awaken the consciousness of the people and governments all over the world to the real threat of a nuclear nightmare unfolding before our eyes. To re ignite the peace movement world wide using people power and the power of the people to do what governments of the world could never agree to do. That is the total ban on stockpiling, testing, or use of nuclear weapons and to decommission all nuclear power plants worldwide. To lobby or partition governments to implement an “act of survival” bill, to save us from extinction. The great J.F.K basically said that there is no victory in a nuclear conflict, as it would only leave whoever is remaining with ashes in their mouth. America and Russia's new 10 year treaty to cut their nuclear arsenals by nearly a third is too little too late. The consciousness of the people has to be awakened into action before we reach a point of no return.


In 1947 Albert Einstein realised the nuclear nightmare in the military misuse of this power and made a statement, ”that in the first two years of the atomic era another phenomenon is to be noted. The public having been warned of the horrible nature of atomic warfare, has done nothing about it and to a large extent has dismissed the warning from its consciousness”. But there is a glimmer of hope inside us all, that fighting spirit that says to never give up the fight for the survival of the human race. We should not accept armageddon as our destiny, because we have a choice and maybe our final opportunity before God to recognise the warning that Einstein tried to instill in our consciousness. We as a unique species of beautiful form and creative character  have and can achieve great things, even with only half a body. So we have our faults and we are not perfect and will probably never be, as we do not always learn from our mistakes, as individuals or as a collective. But i believe that we can make it to the ‘Golden Age’ if we choose to awaken our consciousness to create a united front to turn around on this path to destruction. People power and the power of the people can make governments change in days and weeks what diplomacy takes months and years to achieve. The only way possible at this late stage, is for people of all nations to stand up and be counted all over the world, in every country, every city, every district, in every home.

We must not suffer a government that does not listen to the will of the people to expedite the total, not partial, elimination of all nuclear weapons, without exception in every country before these weapons obliterate us. Time will not wait for us any longer, but we can turn back the clock so that our children can have their day in the sun too. In recent events, the power of the people has been demonstrated in countries where the people wanted freedom from the tyrants that are a dictator of their lives. Regrettably it has not been a peaceful transition and lives where lost. But this same power of the people can be used to wake the consciousness of world governments into action not apathy. To dismiss this from our consciousness now would be like sitting back in a comfortable chair and admitting defeat to just let it happen, which would be too easy. But if it is a case of apathy that we feel, then we may as well all be vegetables growing in the field, waiting to be devoured. The other option is to fight for a future for our world and its inhabitants.

The Timing is right now for those with an awakened conscious to join together in unison to relay the Message to awaken the rest of the world. People from all walks of life whose work is already out there in books/songs/paintings/documentaries/movies/web sites including crop circles/moon markings and even the monolith on mars. It is time to all raise our voices in unison to a crescendo that cannot be hushed. Time to all join together to make the big push. We can make a negative into a positive and make the day after Doomsday 2012 the day when all Anti Nuclear Groups Worldwide stand up to be counted together in unison under the World Peace Movement to be Heard.

Note: I acknowledge that there are other issues i.e. Global Warming/Pollution/Over Population/Famine are all important issues but priority of threat atomically should be with ‘The Message’ of Nuclear Contamination/Obliteration